Bulldog Rescue

Mary Cole's bulldog rescue story....just one of many.....

Thelma was rescued from a puppy mill by Iowa Bullie Rescue. With a
huge amount of help from Basset Rescue, Thelma was transported
here by the “underground railway”. Volunteers would drive her 200
miles and hand her off to the next volunteer who did the same until
she arrived at our door! Thelma had been kept in a wire cage in a
garage and bred over and over again. Her pads were so raw from
the wire floor she would not walk. She had infections in both ears and
was virtually blind from untreated entropia. She was terrified to go
outside as she never had been out of the garage. She had huge
teats and was still lactating. Thelma was spayed, lumps removed
from four teats, ears cleaned, treated and the entropia fixed to ease
her discomfort. It was also discovered she had a severe heart
murmur. Thelma died 11 months later because of her heart, but in
that time she learned to enjoy the outdoors and knew that we loved

Donations can be sent directly to the Bulldog Rescue’s Vet:
Rockwood Veterinary Clinic
179 Main Street, South, P.O. Box 640
Rockwood, ON N0B 2K0
Vet: Claire Maine - 1-519-856-9002

If you know of a bulldog that need rescue or if you are interested
in adopting a bulldog, please don’t hesitate to contact Mary.

Mary Cole - 1-519-833-9757
c/o Kilnridge Farm, 5462 5th Line,
R.R.# 2, Hillsburgh, Ontario N0B 1Z0

Featured in the Bulldog Club of Central Canada's Newsletter
If you would be interested in adopting a bulldog or
donating to the cause please see details below....
This is why you need to check out where your puppy comes from
and please, please, please do not support puppy mills. When you
go to a person's home and they say they are selling the puppies
for a friend with no parents on site...please walk away. Also if it
sounds too good to be true...it is!!!!