English Bulldog Scammers
We have heard from many people that they
have been scammed out of their money and did
not receive their bulldog puppy. This is
happening more and more often. Scammers
ads are even in your local papers. They are
getting smarter and it is important that
consumers be aware of what is going on.
***Remember if it sounds too good to be
true---it is***
Where on God's Green Earth can you purchase
a bulldog puppy for $700.00?????

Some of the scammers are getting smarter and
charging a normal price for them fooling people
into believing they are real. If you can't go and
see your puppy or check with the Canadian
Kennel Club to make sure the breeder is a
member in good standing you are taking a
chance. If you are looking for a bargain you
might get scammed. A properly bred and cared
for bulldog costs a lot of money and why would
they give them away for next to nothing?

Scammers steal pictures from legitimate
breeders and post them on their site. Tell them
you want to fly to their home and visit the
puppy even if you don't...amazing how fast they

If they ask you to pay Western Union, or they
come from Nigeria, etc... and they are
missionaries that just want their puppy to be
loved, it is a scam.

Look for a local breeder where you can go and
see the puppies and the parents then you know
where your puppy comes from, the environment

If your puppy has to be shipped, ask for their
CKC number, their vet number, a personal
reference from someone that has had their dog

It is painful to show up at the airport for your
puppy and the puppy does not show up at
all....Remember it is buyer beware and
chances are, you will never recover your money.