Aldar's Bulldogs Foster Care Agreement
            ALDAR'S BULLDOGS
           Darlene Eschlboeck
              9820 Ski Road
    Clifford, Ontario N0G 1M0




PHONE NUMBER:________________________________________
WORK NUMBER: ________________________________________
CELL PHONE NUMBER:___________________________________
EMERGENCY CONTACT PERSON:__________________________
PHONE NUMBER:________________________________________
VETERINARIAN'S NUMBER:______________________________
DRIVER'S LICENCE: ____________________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS: _______________________________________
ARE YOU PLANNING TO MOVE?___________________________
NAME OF DOG:___________________________________________
BIRTH DATE:_____________________________________________
MICROCHIP OR TATTOO:__________________________________
REGISTRATION NUMBER:_________________________________
LAST SHOTS GIVEN:______________________________________
DATE OF AGREEMENT:____________________________________
OWNER OF DOG:__________________________________________

For the purpose of this contract, Darlene Eschlboeck shall be known as the
am entering into this fostering agreement with totally understanding that
I am only fostering this dog at this time and it will not become mine until
Darlene Eschlboeck decides that is is finished it's breeding life. I understand
that I am not required to pay for this dog at this time as I am only entrusted
with it's care if all and every one of the conditions below are met. The
puppies born to the said dog are the property of Darlene Eschlboeck and I
have no claim to them.
I understand that the dog will not be bred before one year of age and will be
finished before or after the dog turns five years of age. At that time the
Canadian Kennel Club papers and ownership of the dog will be signed over
to me at no cost to myself and I will immediately spay the dog at my own
expense. Failure to do so will require that the dog be immediately returned to
Darlene Eschlboeck and the contract becomes null and void.
I understand that she is a breeding bitch and all decisions regarding this
matter are up to Darlene Eschlboeck, not myself, not my vet or anyone other
than Darlene Eschlboeck.   I agree to take care of said dog, treat the dog as a
loved pet, make sure that the dog is well cared for, vetted when necessary and
it's yearly shots are kept up to date as well as regular heart worm medication.
I am responsible for these expenses as well as feeding and general care of
dog. I will also feed the dog the dog food as recommended by Darlene
Eschlboeck. I fully understand, and it has been explained to me, how to care
the said dog and understand that under no circumstances is this dog to
become an outside dog, live in a barn, shed, porch or kennel.
I also understand that if this dog becomes bred intentionally or
unintentionally, at any other time other than by the breeder, the dog will
immediately be returned to the breeder and any and all puppies are the
property of Darlene Eschlboeck and this contract will become null and void.
I also fully understand that if at any time Darlene Eschlboeck has concerns
about our care of the said dog that Darlene Eschlboeck can and will request
that the dog be returned to her care and this contract will immediately
become null and void. This will also include but not be limited letting the
said dog run at large, improper feeding, obesity.
If I ever spay/neuter the dog without permission of Darlene Eschlboeck the
dog will be immediately returned to Darlene Eschlboeck and this contract
will become null and void.
If the said dog should die due to negligence while in my care or in the care
of caregivers to which I have left in charge of the dog I understand that I am  
to pay the breeder $2500.00 immediately, which is pet price. This can include
but not be limited to drowning, run over by a vehicle, lost or stolen...etc.
If I move to a new address, change my phone number or do not keep in
contact with Darlene Eschlboeck regarding the said dogs heat cycle and
general health, the dog will be immediately returned to Darlene Eschlboeck
at my expense and the contact becomes null and void.
Darlene Eschlboeck will be responsible for any vet bills that are directly
related to the breeding of the dog, ie. progesterone tests, c-sections or any
complications that arise due to the breeding of the dog according to Darlene's
It is also my responsibility to inform Darlene Eschlboeck immediately if the
dog comes into heat(first heat usually around six months) and ensure
that it is kept away from all or any male dogs unless they are neutered. The
dog must be readily available during this time and it is my understanding that
it is my responsibility to deliver and pick up the dog to/from the Eschlboeck's
and if I do not keep to the agreement the dog must be returned permanently
to Darlene Eschlboeck and this contract becomes null and void.
The dog may be required to stay for 1-14 days at this time unless I am
willing to drive the dog back and forth as needed.
The dog will be bred and returned to my home until Darlene Eschlboeck
deems it necessary for the dog to be returned to her home for whelping of the
puppies. The dog will then be required to stay at Darlene Eschlboeck's home
until the puppies are weaned.
When the dog is finished with it's breeding life, I understand that the dog
must be spayed immediately, at my expense, and at that time the dog's
ownership will be signed over to myself. At no time is the dog to be given
into anyone else's care unless agreed upon by Darlene Eschlboeck.
If all or any of these conditions are not met, the dog will immediately be
returned to Darlene Eschlboeck and all claims to the dog by myself are
The foster care provider will be responsible for their actions and the dog's
actions while in their care and will take on all liabilities for the said
the dog bites someone.
If Darlene Eschlboeck decides to show the dog it will be the foster care giver's
responsibility to deliver and pick up the dog at Darlene Eschlboeck's home
on decided time but you will be made aware of this before you agree to foster
the said dog. Some of the dogs will not be shown and it will be your choice
whether you pick one that is to be shown.  The dog will be shown at Darlene
Eschlboeck's expense.
If Darlene Eschlboeck agrees that said dog is show quality and the foster
caregiver would like to show the dog, the breeder will pay entry fees on
shows that are agreed upon by both parties. All other expenses are the foster
caregiver's expense.
The foster caregiver will ensure that the said dog is trained well to walk on a
leash, is crate trained and well socialized with people and other animals.
Before any agreement is entered into Darlene Eschlboeck must meet at your
home all people as well as animals that reside in the home. Any and all
decisions to foster a dog in your home are those of Darlene Eschlboecks
If at any time the foster care giver's circumstances change and they can no
longer care for the dog, the dog must be returned immediately at the
care giver's expense to Darlene Eschlboeck.

SIGNATURE OF BREEDER:____________________________


I have read and understand all sections of this agreement and totally

agree to all of the terms as stated in the agreement.


_____________________________     ______________________

I have none available at this time......
Home of your new best friend!!!