Aldar's Bulldogs

We guarantee the puppy to be in good health, to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale. To
keep this guarantee valid, the puppy must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48
hours(excluding Saturday and Sunday) of receipt of the puppy. If the veterinarian finds the puppy
unhealthy, unfit, or unsound in any way, the puppy must be returned to the breeder, within 72 hours
of purchase, accompanied by a certificate or statement from the vet. The seller assumes no
responsibility for charges incurred by the buyer for this service. The seller will refund the purchaser
the full purchase price or give the purchaser a replacement puppy of equal value if the purchaser so
chooses. The purchaser may choose to book another puppy from a later litter if there is none
available at the time.

Purchaser agrees that the seller would never knowingly sell a sick puppy and could not have been
aware of any illness or defect and will not be held responsible for such. If a puppy is found to have a
health problem at its initial veterinary visit and purchaser opts to treat this puppy instead of
exchanging it for another puppy or returning it for a refund, the seller will not be held responsible for
any expenses incurred or for the death of the puppy, and no refunds or replacements will be made,
nor will any credits be issued. Common parasites, fleas, ticks, worms, coccidia etc. are not cause
for replacement as they are not genetic problems. We do not guarantee that this is a show puppy,
suitable for breeding or the size and colour of this puppy. No money shall be refunded and the seller
shall not be held responsible for any veterinarian bills. Skin Problems are also not covered by the
breeder. They can be quite common in this breed. You must read up and be aware of health issues
common to the breed and be prepared to deal with them. If a life threatening hereditary/genetic
problem arises within sixty  months of the purchase of the puppy, the breeder will replace the puppy
with a puppy of equal value when available. This replacement will only happen if breeder's vet
receives a copy from purchaser's vet with findings and any exams/tests performed and, breeder's vet
agrees with purchaser's vet and only after an autopsy is performed on the puppy and the breeder's
vet agrees with the findings. This will be done at the purchaser's expense. A copy of the autopsy
report and a copy of any tests or treatments performed on the puppy by the purchaser's vet must be
supplied within 72 hours of the puppies death or as soon as it becomes available.

In the event that the puppy's death is the result of abuse or negligent treatment, this guarantee WILL
NOT apply and the breeder WILL NOT replace the puppy. Should the purchaser decide to have any
non-life threatening defect of any kind repaired on the puppy at any time in the puppy's life, all costs
for the puppy's surgery etc. will be the financial responsibility of the purchaser. Breeder will not be
responsible for any of these expenses.*****Any returned animal must be accompanied by any and
all paperwork supplied by the seller at the time of sale, as well as a written statement from a
licensed veterinarian.) all shots are up to date and have been kept up to date)dog has been kept on
heart worm preventative medication)dog appears to be healthy and well cared for******

This agreement is a condition of sale and applies to all of our dogs and puppies. Violation of this
agreement invalidates all other guarantees .Purchaser does hereby agree to take good and
reasonable care of this puppy, including but not limited to the following:

1. Purchaser must provide all required immunizations from time of purchase. Puppy must have all
puppy boosters recommended by their veterinarian after leaving the premises. Puppies must also
have rabies when recommended by their veterinarian and then a booster with their rabies each year
if it is recommended by their vet. Any parasites, internal or external, must be promptly eliminated.

2. Clean, fresh water and proper food, in sufficient amounts must be provided. Puppy must be kept
clean warm and dry. Puppy may not be allowed out, unattended unless within a secure enclosure.

3. This puppy is not to be harshly physically reprimanded at any time. Should the purchaser decide
at any time in the puppy's life to dispose of or give away the puppy for any reason whatsoever, the
breeder must be notified immediately and the puppy/dog must be returned to the breeder. It is at the
purchaser's expense to return the puppy to the breeder. The puppy/dog must never under any
circumstances be surrendered to any animal shelter or humane society. No money will be refunded
or paid to the purchaser by the breeder for the returned puppy/dog.

The breeder believes that purchasing a puppy is a life long commitment and should not be entered
into lightly. The breeder assumes the purchaser is aware of future costs for upkeep, food, vet costs,
training, and that the purchaser is willing to supply these and also to supply the love, time, patience,
training etc. that the puppy will require for it's life. The breeder feels there should be no need for the
puppy to have to be surrendered or disposed of at some time in its life if the purchaser is a
responsible pet owner. The breeder is available to answer questions.

IF ALL AND EVERY ONE OF the conditions are not met by the purchaser, the breeder will not be
responsible to replace the puppy. The puppy will not be replaced due to house training problems. It
takes a lot of time and patience to house train a puppy. Purchasers need to be aware that puppies
often cry in the beginning as it is a change for them to be away from their litter mates and they may
be lonely especially in the middle of the night. This is all part of puppy parenthood and should not be
entered into lightly or in the spur of the moment. With love, time and much patience you will have a
wonderful puppy that grows into a wonderful companion in the future.********Puppy training school is
highly recommended by this breeder.*****************Bulldogs can get themselves in trouble quickly
and can suffer from a number of health issues. This breeder demands that you keep health

I  will no longer sell one of my puppies to anyone that is not willing
to keep their pet insurance on their pet.   Do not ask to purchase a
puppy from me if you do not want to keep insurance on them You
would not go without health care for yourself or your children, so
why play Russian Roulette with your pet? Also my health contract is
now five years with proof of insurance and my health contract is null
and void without proof.  Note***if you do not provide me with proof of
spay or neuter on time, your health contract becomes null and void.

***Also take note---if you feed Royal Canin dog food my health
contract is immediately null and void, no exceptions*****
The purchaser has read the above terms and agrees to abide by all of them and agreed to sign this
contract. They understand that under no circumstances will the seller be responsible for veterinarian
bills and no cash refunds will be given by the breeder after 72 hours and only under the above
mentioned circumstances.

**Today's Date: ___________________________________

**I have read the responsibilities page __________________

**Purchaser's Printed Name:__________________________

**Purchasers agrees to spay or neuter their pet and provide proof to the breeder by the time the
puppy is 7 months old....Purchaser is aware that if this is not provided a fine of $5000.00will be paid
to the breeder by the time the puppy is 8 months old and their health contract is null and void. The
reason for this is that I have sold puppy's to people for pets and they are on the internet as a
breeding dog, breeding to Olde English Bulldogs. Must be proof from the vet including puppy's
microchip number and date of birth:
**Purchaser's Signature:______________________________

**Purchaser's Phone Number: __________________________

**Purchaser's e-mail:_________________________________

**Seller's signature:__________________________________

**Genetic Guarantee Ending ____________________________