English Bulldog Males
Iroc To Big Ben
Ben's Sire---Calibra Calvin Klein
from the Tivoli Bulls
This beautiful boy is hopefully going to hit the show
ring in the near future. He is from Lemonvom...
Thank you to Gabi for entrusting him to me......
This is Bronson's impressive
Sire--CH Classic Armani
CH Golucan Cole Belthazor
Introducing you to
Lemonvom Noches De Bohemia
quality, puppies with a great temperment....We are very blessed to have such a great dog. Ben loves to go for
long walks and follow my husband around on our 50 acres....
This is Ben's beautiful son Griffin!!
Griffin(Aldar's Bachelor Number One) is
now a Canadian Champion.......

Sired by Iroc's Big Ben