Pet Insurance Questions formerly known as vetinsurance (I only give you this because they send it to me I do not endorse it)

Here is a very helpful site. It is a review site for pet insurance
Please check it out before insuring your very wary of petinsurance companies and
the fine print as they can knock down your coverage to 50% whenever they want. Ask
them about this and get it in writing that this can not happen to you.

Things to ask when calling around
When calling various pet health insurance companies to compare pet insurance, it's
important to ask each company the same set of questions and write down the answers to
compare your results. The below questions are a good start to ensure you're finding the
right coverage option for you and your furry loved one.

1.How many plans are there to choose from?

2.Is there a possibility that my pet will run out of coverage if they have a long standing

3.Is there a lifetime limit to the coverage? How do the limits work? Do they renew each

4.Do I have this limit amount for each illness condition or are a number of similar conditions
grouped into one limit?

5.Is there anything that isn't covered, such as veterinary exams, certain illness or

6.What are the restrictions of coverage? If you have a purebred pet, be sure to ask if
exclusions from coverage vary from breed to breed.

7.Are there age limits for the coverage for older pets and as my pet ages do your
deductables increase?

8.Will my premium increase as my pet ages?

9.Is there any coverage available for dental care or alternative therapies?

10.If my veterinarian has not been able to make a diagnosis, will my fees still be covered?

.What part of my veterinary bills will I be responsible for?

12.Will my premium or deductible increase if I make a lot of claims or will your level of
coverage decrease?

13.How does the deductible work?

14.Can I change my plan or coverage level at a later time?

15.How long has the insurance company been in business?

16.What if I change my mind? Does the insurance company have a money-back guarantee?

17.Is there a veterinary advisory board on staff or licensed insurance representatives?

18.Does the pet insurance company partner with other companies in the pet health and
veterinary industries?

Make sure that you ask for all of this in writing....

Many people ask me about the importance of pet insurance and why they should get it or
what is the best pet insurance. I will try to answer all of your questions.

Not having pet insurance is the same as not having medical insurance on yourself and your
children. It is great as long as nothing goes wrong in life. In my opinion it is similar to
playing Russian Roulette. You might dodge the bullet but then again, you might not.

Note* I am not recommending Petsecure more than any other company just because you
get a free trial of petinsurance. It is very important that you shop around to find the best
coverage as there are a lot of price differences and coverage that you receive.

1. If your bulldog should be unlucky enough to get a torn cruciate ligament(which can
happen in any breed) from jumping off the bed, the couch, running through a rough patch
on the lawn etc.....this injury can cost you approximately $3000.00. If one is injured and
they are favouring it too much often the other one can be torn. Yes you guessed
it---another $3000.00

2. If your bulldog should be unlucky enough to get Cherry Eye(which is common in the
breed) that is a $400-$500 bill to fix that.

3. God forbid that your dog gets cancer as that can be up in the $10,000 range.

4. If your dog ever accidentally got hit by a car, the sky is the limit on this one.

Please protect yourself and your pet. Purchase pet insurance!!!!!!!
I receive many questions about pet insurance and I have
tried to put together some information for you. I do supply
a free trial to Petsecure Insurance but I do not necessarily
believe it is the best. Here are some of your options and
some people can purchase it through their work.