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You would be surprised how many beautiful dogs and cats are in these shelters
waiting for their forever family to just come and pick them up. Please take the
time to look at the animals up for adoption before buying a puppy. I am also
begging you to not purchase your pets from pet stores. Also do not purchase any
supplies from pet stores that sell puppies and kittens!!!! Maybe they will finally get
the message.
***Have your pet spayed/neutered as well to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
Many unwanted animals in Canada are sent to research facilities or put to sleep.
If you are in a different area than what I have listed above and can not find a
shelter near you, let me know and I will research it for you.
Thank you
Darlene Eschlboeck
Pomeranian - Male - 10 years old - Max is used to a quiet older home,
house trained and good with dogs that like dogs and good with cats.
Max is an easy walker and quiet in the home. His elderly owner had to
go into a nursing home, leaving poor Max. He has been at the shelter for
two weeks and is very upset.
Please give an older dog a chance at family life. I saw this guy myself
and he is very unassuming and beautiful. He looks so much nicer in
person....... He is nipping at people right now because he is
scared...Maybe you could help him overcome his fears and have a
wonderful friend.
Featured Pets From Owen Sound
Animal Shelter--Link below--
consider an older pet. They are perfect
for someone who does not want to
commit to 16 years or so and seniors
that want a slower, moving pet.....
Female - 2 years old - Nikko is spayed, full vaccines and a tattoo.
She is indoor only and was raised with another cat. Nikko loves
all people and is great to cuddle.

Brown tabby on white - Male - 2 years old - Snook is neutered - thanks to
our spay/neuter, medical fund, and loves cats and good with small dogs
[not so good with big dogs, but getting better]. Snook can get a little
nervous so older children are preferred.
Husky/Border Collie mix - Female - 1 year old - Holly has full
vaccines, is good with dogs, and cats and good with older
children. Holly is from Southampton where her time was done.
Shep/Lab mix - Female - 3 years old - Chase is spayed - thanks to our
spay/neuter, medical fund, is crate trained, needs to be crated or have
company as she hates to be alone. She is good with dogs, but not good
with cats, older children is best.