Home of your new best friend
English bulldog puppies for sale
if you are planning on showing him, or to hasten the removal of dead hair.
You can use people shampoo but avoid perfumes etc... in it. Conditioner
should also be used ut try to use all naturals. Keep the dog in the house
until completely dry, unless it is a nice warm day.

Check the eyes for inflammation and treat with a dab of Polysporin for eyes
in the corner of each eye. Clean the ears and lip folds for any buildup. Treat
any puppy pimples with a drop of rubbing alcohol to dry them up. The teeth
may be brushed with a bit of dog toothpaste(not human)
Dog bones, biscuites or rawhides with help to keep the dogs teeth cleaned.
and short. We prefer a grinder to grind the nails with a Dremel Drill which
painlessly grinds the nails nice and short.

Make sure to keep the wrinkles very clean daily. These are the wrinkles on
their face and especially if they have big wrinkles under their nose. You can
use babywipes and butt paste if it gets sore looking.

Keep your dogs ears clean as well. At least once a week check them and
clean out any dirt found to prevent sores in their ears and chronic ear
am sure no breeder is ever totally free from this.
They can be easily repaired but do not let a veterinarian cut them out. They
can be sewn back in and a pocket made or tacked. I prefer the pocket. Have
any of my puppies ever had a cherry eye. YES

Dry Eye(KCS)
The symptoms of dry eye are runny, green, snotty looking eyes and it is when
the natural production of tears slows. They can get an ulcer on the eye as
well. Can be confirmed by your vet with a tear production test and they have
cream that encourages tear production or you must put lubricating drops in
your dogs eyes daily. I do see this in some older dogs.

Entropian is an inward rolling of the eyelids that irritates the surface of the
eye. If left untreated it can cause ulcers, dry eye, cherry eyes etc.....Entropian
is treated surgically by an experienced veterinarian.

These eyelashes grow from normal sites but turn inward and scratch the eye.
They are often abnormally long. Must be taken care of by the veterinarian.

This is when the dog grows extra eyelashes, may be just one stray one or a
lot of them. They are located on the inside of the lid and cause irritation to the
eye. Must be tended to by a vet or can cause ulcers on the eye.

Sore Wrinkles.
This is a problem for bulldogs if their eyes run or they have big wrinkles over
their nose. One way I have found to prevent this is to clean the wrinkle on a
regular basis and use Butt Paste for children. It works very well and soothes
the sores.

Sores Under Their Tails
This can occur if your bulldog has a tight tail and it is important that you clean
the shedding hair and gunk that gathers out from under it on a regular basis.
Also can use Butt Pate.

Elongated Soft Palete and Other Airway Disorders
I found out the hard way that a dog with great breathing can turn into a dog
with a problem in a big hurry. I had a dog shipped in who breathed fine. When I
was transpoting the dog home it became overly anxious, panted rapidly and I
could not get him to calm down. His tongue turned blue and his breathing was
compromised. He finally calmed down but this caused permanent throat
damage and now when he gets excited he breathes heavily.
Apparently every bulldog has an elongated soft palete to some degree and it
is because of the shape of their heaed, but it generally only causes snoring.
In severe cases it causes difficulties breathing. Heat and exercise will cause
loud gurling noises referred to in the bulldog world as roaring and the bulldog
may appear to be lazy and lack motivation to do anything with you. It can be
quite severe in some cases and they may regurgitate their food, have loud
breathing when excited, and an intolderance to exercise. This can be
corrected by surgery but you must have a veterinarian do it that knows the
breed and condition well.

Intolerance to Heat
This is common in most bulldogs. You never want them overheat as it could
swiftly cause death. You must constantly supervise them during outside
activities during the spring and summer. They also don't know enough to stop
chasing the lawnmower before they drop dead so it is up to you to know when
enough is enough. You also would not take your dog for a walk when it is hot
outside. A lot of this is just common sense but you would be surprised how
many bulldogs die because they have overheated. Do not leave them out in
your yard under a tree on a hot day thinking that they will be safe as well
because that may not be the case.
Hip Dysplasia
All bulldog have some form of hip dysplasia due to their breeding. It is not
exclusive to back yard breeders and just because we have champion
bulldogs does not mean it can't happen. You can not diagnose this for sure
until they are 18 months as they are growing and everything is changing
rapidly. One thing you can do to help prevent this is to make sure your bulldog
maintains a healthy weight while growing. If you puppy is too fat it places
stress on the hips. Most dyspasia never causes any problems but in severe
cases it can cause pain and make it difficult for them to move around. At this
point you will need expensive surgery. I have had one younger dog that is not
symptomatic but in his
x-rays when fixed him they saw some dysplasia.

Hot Spots
These can be round, red and scabby spots on the skin. They are often itchy
and ugly looking.
They can start because something irritated your dog's skin. It can cause
itching and irritation in a matter of a few hours. The trick is to get them dry.
Pour peroxide on them and then use althete foot powder. Also you can shave
the hair around the area to help keep it dry. I also love teatree oil for these.

Interdigital Cycts
Nobody knows what causes these and they generally go away on their own.
They are a small round sore on the top of the foot(usually). It is thought that
maybe an ingrown hair or a fungus causes them but they are quite common. I
love teatree oil for these and often soak the food in Epsom Salts. That often
clears them up or they go away on their own. I also use Butt Paste. Great
stuff! If it continues to come back often a course of Cephlexin(an antibiotic)
will do the trick.

These are just a few of the potential health issues that you need to be aware
of in a bulldog.......