Many people ask me why a bulldog is so expensive....well I
will try to explain.

1. A breeder can not purchase a good quality bulldog with
breeding rights for any less than $4000.00 and they can cost
anywhere up to $10,000.00 or more.

2. A puppy purchased for breeding must be well socialized,
house trained, go to the vet, get it's shots and requires all of
the care that your pet puppy needs and more.

3. They must be fed a very good quality dog food and then
allowed to grow until they are breeding age which is
anywhere from eight-teen months to two years old.

4. At that time, or before, it is determined if the bulldog is
suitable heath and temperament wise for breeding. If not, the
bulldog is spay/neutered and placed in a pet home for much
less than we paid for them.

5. When breeding a bulldog you must make many trips to the
vet to test progesterone levels to see when they ovulate, or
if in the case of a male, the sperm must be tested for quality
and quantity. They are generally put on an antibiotic to make
sure that they do not contract an infection during the
breeding process.

6. The bulldog will then be Artificially Inseminated or have a
Surgical Implant, whichever method is chosen.

7. A bulldog can have on average one to eight puppies and
they are delivered by C-Section at the vet clinic after
sixty-three days and sent home on antibiotics.

8. A bulldog can easily contract Pyometra which is an
infection in the uterus and to save their lives they must be
spayed immediately and there are no puppies.

9. You can breed a bulldog  but that does not mean that they
will have puppies at all.

10. Once the puppies are born the hard part begins. A
bulldog generally does not raise their own puppies as they
tend to lie on them so they sleep in a separate place from the
mom and every two hours we must get up and put them
together and supervise while they nurse. Mom generally
does not clean them afterwards so we have to wipe them
until they go the washroom. Yup no joke!!!!

11. Sometimes the mother has not got enough milk and we
have to help by bottle feeding as well. We also have to watch
that the mother does not get mastitis, which can be life
threatening for the mother.

12. When the puppies are approximately three weeks old we
begin by feeding them mash which is a mixture of puppy milk,
puppy food, yogurt and pumpkin.

13. At some point we begin to take pictures and upload them
to the website, pay for ads to sell the puppies and have
people come to our home and spend time with them,
answering questions etc....

14. When they are sold we must apply to the CKC and pay for
a litter registration and they pay for each puppy to be
microchipped and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.

15. At seven weeks they are taken to the vet and have their
inspection and generally receive their first shots.

16. We then begin filling out the petplan insurance forms and
our health contracts so they are ready when the new puppy
owners pick them up.

17. You arrive to pick up your puppy and we fill out the
paperwork together and I answer any questions that you

18. Once you take your puppy home I am available for any
questions or concerns you might have.

Breeding a bulldog is very expensive and time consuming
but they are well worth the effort....................
English Bulldogs
Why are they so expensive?